Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random Musings

I was reading The Protocols of the Elders of Zion today(Yes of course I own a copy, how else am I going to be familiar with what I'm supposed to do when the time comes) they write in it about the importance of controlling as much of the land and assets as possible.Later while reading the newspaper I couldn't help thinking of this when I read about the Arabs need for yet another country(ours).Have they taken over us Zionists as the New World Order?I don't know if this is news or not but for me it is,it seems after they found natural gas off the Haifa coast now Lebanon woke up and wants a piece.Is this them now going after all assets?

Mushir al-Masri said (I read this in the Yated and therefore cannot vouch for its authenticity as everything written within should be taken with a grain or rather bucket of salt)"Any foreign troops in the Gaza Strip would be regarded as occupation forces"he then continued and with nobody thinking it strange said"But to ensure that the crossings are reopened we want them supervised by international monitors" and nobody thinks this least bit unbalanced?

Obama is the first black president in the history of the US why is that not enough to satisfy his ego?Why does have to do retarded reckless things to ensure his remembrance?

I'm not really depressed right now yet for some reason Im in the mood of posting this poem I wrote a long time ago.Its probably not long enough to be considered a poem and its certainly not that good but nevertheless here it is..........
Is it just me who ever wonders
Isn't God above these blunders
He created everything from a to z
it seems like nothing but misery.
Once I'm taking the blame for this one I may as wall admit I wrote this one which I notice from all the comments was a real winner (real good for my self esteem)

The Chief Justice of the US screwed up a simple 35 word oath,yet when youre in court for a speeding ticket or drug charges or even murder (whatever your particular vice is) to suggest the judge screwed up can land you in jail for contempt,odd.

Heres a short parable I read today in a book about Martial Arts.A zen master out for a walk with one of his students pointed out a fox chasing a rabbit."According to an ancient fable"the master said"the rabbit will get away from the fox""Not so"replied the student"The fox is faster""But the rabbit will elude him"insisted the master"Why are you so certain?" asked the student"Because" answered the master"the fox is running for his dinner and the rabbit is running for his life."This is similar to something Golda Meir once said"We Jews have a secret weapon in our struggle with the Arabs-we have no place to go"

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Mikeinmidwood said...

I like that last one although its not always true.