Friday, January 23, 2009

1st Step Towards Being Radioactive

Stupid people bring out the worst in me.Contact with them can cause me violent urges which are strongly frowned upon by our judicial system.I just want to clarify my previous post,I have nothing against the normal citizens of Boston.In fact everybody I met there over the past two days was very pleasant and nice and Rofeh International has also been especially helpful.Its the liberals I have issues with I don't know if anybody read it or if anybody took offense,either way I just wanted to clear that up.I do still stand firm in my belief that the roads are the most screwed up in the world.

The reason I was in Boston is because I'm going to begin receiving radiation soon,due to a pesky tumor I cant seem to be able to get rid of which God in his infinite wisdom and humor has chosen to bestow upon me.
Before they start there is a few things they need to do.My first appointment was to be fitted for a frame which is connected to the table immobilizing my head thus ensuring vital parts of my brain don't get fried which seems like a good idea to me.

The next appointment was a minor surgery to put little metal balls into my head.From what I understood metal can be seen on x-rays,everyday before treatment they take scans and measure the size and whether it moved using the balls as reference points(it can also be used to prevent my yarmulke from blowing away with the aid of a simple magnet)The surgery was mostly painless though it was weird and uncomfortable.I got a local anesthesia which means I was awake but I didn't feel the pain.What was weird was that it didn't hurt but I was able to feel every time he put in or pulled out the needles,drill or one time this thing which felt vaguely like a pitchfork.Trust me,a very odd sensation.After that I had a CT scan using my classy new headgear and was then able to leave to sit in traffic for six hours on the way home.
When I started this blog I had no intention of using it as a diary but I think its interesting and besides when I sit in the hospital the whole day I don't really come into contact with anything else worth writing about,therefore I will occasionally write more about this barrel of fun over the course of the six week treatment(mostly when I have nothing else to write)Another reason to write about this is for the ease of the eventual writer of my sure to be bestseller-biography.That's me always helping people!


nameless, faceless said...

What, with all these pleasantries you're not loving the fair city of Boston, so near and dear to my own heart?

Tsk, tsk.

comfortablynumb said...

Nameless-Thanx for commenting,its always nice to see Im not talking to the walls.Maybe over the six weeks Ill be there Ill learn where the normal people hang out(ie not liberals)and figure out how the roads work.Who knows,I might then fall in love with the place

nameless, faceless said...

I know I love it - granted the place is full of idealistic children masquerading as Ivy Leaguers, but there are some fun things to do. How much free time do you have/what are you into? Email me if you are looking for things to do/places to go/people to see - six weeks is a long time to be cooped up :)