Friday, January 16, 2009

Those Damn Pigeons

I just got back from Manhattan.The traffic was brutal there earlier I can only assume on account of an airplane making an emergency landing in the Hudson river.B"H there were no fatalities and only limited minor injuries.Apparently the plane hit a flock of birds shortly after takeoff and lost two engines.(Will PETA now try to abolish all future air travel in concern for the safety of innocent birds?)While discussing this with the person I was with I thought of the safety demonstrations everyone ignores.Every time the stewardess says 'In the event of a water landing.....'Putting on a life vest and sliding down an inflatable ramp is pretty much self explanatory but were someone God forbid to be in such a situation it can only be more comforting to know what it is exactly that you're supposed to do.I guess these safety speeches are not for naught.Theres a reason for them-You might need them one day.I assume in the future people will focus a little less on their carry-ons or fighting over the armrest and a little more on the demonstration......although I must say the blame for ignored safety lectures I believe falls in the lap of the airline.Who doesn't lose interest as soon as they begin with a demonstration of how to close the seat belt.Is there anybody who hasn't been in a car since the 1960s and is not yet familiar with the fine mechanics of it?

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