Monday, January 19, 2009

The Old New York

On Saturday January 10 New Yorkers celebrated No Pants Day.I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of this was,if there even was a purpose.I'm not quite an anarchist,but I do enjoy some chaos now and again so I found this pretty interesting.What I found even more interesting was in an article I read about it last week.(I don't remember where otherwise I would link or at least quote more accurately)it said how the few spectators who asked what was going on were answered 'its hot' or 'I forgot my pants' .This is what I love about NY- between 1200 and 1500 men and women were walking around pantless and only a few spectators thought it odd enough to question.....which leads me to my problem..........

This is a rare phenomenon,as of late.Theres not enough chaos/seediness/wackiness nowadays and while I find it interesting that only a few people thought it odd ,10 years ago I don't know if there would have been even that much.Obviously caused in part by New Yorkers world famous aversion to people but also due to the fact that anything they see ,they've seen stranger so this doesn't merit a second glance.

New York used to be a fascinating place to visit,maybe its just me but isn't the seediness what gave it its charm.Before all the do-gooder mayors had to fool the citizens into thinking they were accomplishing something for them ,NY was fun.There were 'working girls' on practically every corner,punks trying to entice you to buy stolen merchandise,recent escapees from Bellvue (the psych wing) traveling the subway without receiving a second glance.Street musicians, break dancers, panhandlers,were the norm.Scalpers at the Garden and of course who can forget the squeezie guys? I'm getting too nostalgic so I'm not going to give any further examples, hopefully the point got across.I miss those days,now all you see there are bike lanes and juice bars further proof of the pussification of our generation.Bring back the chaos,we or at least I(remember its my blog)miss it.

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Amen to that.