Friday, January 30, 2009

Tumor Update

The hospital called earlier today to tell me my radiation treatment will be delayed.I was supposed to start in the beginning of this coming week but instead it will be at the end of the week.I don't really mind about the scheduling,the problem is the reason its delayed is because the machine broke down last week and they're behind now.The only reason I chose to do this specific type of radiation and hang out away from home for so long in a place where if you read my previous posts you'll know,I don't like much (yet-like I told namelessfaceless I still might fall in love with the place)is because this is supposed to be the most accurate and reliable.For a machine that costs between $100 to 200 million to build you would think it would inspire a little bit more confidence than an old car that stalls at every red light.Yes I'm exaggerating but hey I didn't have anything else to write about and besides to be honest it does kind of freak me out to rely on the accuracy of a machine not to fry my brain or optic nerves etc. that has breakdown issues.The weird thing is,is that despite this and all other issues sane people would be concerned about I am still kind of looking forward to it.Maybe because I see a light at the end of this ten year long tunnel(fat chance?)or maybe as I suspect to be the truth my name would now actually fit me and I have become comfortably numb( okay I cheated,I became comfortably numb long ago).


Mikeinmidwood said...

10 years of cancer, thats a miracle.

comfortablynumb said...

its not quite cancer its a benign tumor.The reason its a problem is because its on the brain and therefore can cause serious problems