Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It was supposed to be a poem

As someone who reads a lot I often come across something funny or interesting which I will try to post-at least until I get bored of this blog(or until I get sick of blogging to myself which is much like talking to ones self except without the annoying echo)To make matters more exiting I have some sort of book ADD which means I can be in the middle of a great book yet still be bored enough to switch and return to it later.In fact right now I'm in the middle of 7 different books
1 Sunset Express by Robert Crais
2 Basket Case by Carl Hiaasen
3 Mercy by David Lindsey
These three books are regular novels although Carl Hiaasen's books might be considered educational because I really admire his style and wish I can imitate it.It does,to be honest,get a little confusing mixing up all the different characters from the different stories and inadvertently importing them to the wrong story but I must admit it can sometimes make it more exiting.Anyway there's still more
4 Asimov Laughs Again by Isaac Asimov
5 The Concise Columbia Dictionary of Quotations by Robert Andrews
6 The Portable Dorothy Parker by Dorothy Parker
7 The Hirsch Psalms by Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch
These last four I read to give myself the illusion that I'm educated(maybe I'm overcompensating for not having a high school diploma)But I enjoy them,in order of appearance I like laughing I collect good quotes and I enjoy wit and poetry combined as for #7 Its more learning than reading but I'm using the translated to English version I guess I'm used to doing all my learning in Hebrew so when its in English and it flows because you don't need to translate it feels more like reading,the problem with that is your brain is in a lower gear since its not working so hard and you skim right by a lot of important stuff without realizing the significance.The reason I don't use the Hebrew edition is because I don't understand it.I actually bought that one first but its written in a harder Hebrew and more poetically which for some reason makes it harder to understand.The only other writer Ive found who writes poetically and therefore harder Hebrew is Rav Avrohom Yitzchok Kook whose seforim will for hashkofic reasons probably never be translated to English.

This whole ramble was actually supposed to be an introduction to a poem I saw but the whole post kind of got away from me so I will hopefully post the poem later tonight.

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