Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In Memory of R' Dessler

In honor of Rabbi E E Dessler's yahrtzeit(anniversary of his death) tommorrow (or today for those believers in the whole date and time system)I want to post a short teaching from his sefer Michtav MeEliyahu.I dont want to alienate the few readers I have on this blog but please bear with me as I feel I owe him a debt of graditude because after spending most of my life in Yeshivos where they have an aversion to teaching/learning Hashkafa(Jewish Philosphy) most of the little Hashkafa I know is from learning his seforim.
R Dessler explains that everything that happens in this world comes from God.Since people fail to reconize this it often seems as if it happens naturally but the nature is actually God's hiding place so to speak ,his cameflouge.
God hides himself in this world (hester,if you recall from the story of Purim)the job of us Jews is to realize its not nature that is running our lives but God.When we recognize this,he continues,we will not be limited to the laws of nature but rather there will be an oppurtunity for Divine intervention that is above the laws of nature(something,the Chovas HaLevovos explains that is impossible for various reasons if you beleive everything is caused by nature)
I hope that made sense I was trying to keep it as short as possible.Thank you and have a pleasant tommorrow

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