Monday, January 12, 2009

My New Blog

It seems everyone with a computer,internet and time on their hands has a blog.I also have a computer with internet and I most certainly have time on my hands which begs the question why did I wait until now to start a blog?.......Part of the reason is I cant think of a single person who will read it but mainly its because I have nothing to write.Lately,though I realized Im not alone in this dilema,most of the blogs Ive found dont seem to say anything of why should I be different?Hence Im the new proud owner of a blog which promises nothing of importance only rants,raves,pet-peeves,jokes,weird thoughts and any other printable brain droppings that prevent me from having much of a life.Basically in a nutshell its my brain exposed,take it or leave it but dont say I didnt warn you

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