Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Does God Wear a White Shirt?

Since I posted yesterday about peoples lack of thought causing their actions to have no resemblance at all to what God intended,I think it only fitting to post tonight on a related subject.Clothing.Lately in most Orthodox circles clothing became a bigger indicator of spiritual levels than spiritual levels themselves.People are judged based on the clothes they're wearing.This is stupid and silly,but proof that people no longer think.Because if people actually used their minds for something more important than getting the cheapest rates in everything,they would realize there is no way in hell that this is what God wants.I could go on and on,on this subject as its a pet peeve of mine but I'll save some for future posts.Somebody I know wrote this poem on this concept and I think its more interesting than whatever I'll write even if it may not be a great poem.(Keep in mind it was written a while ago at the time of the conference of imbeciles denying the holocaust)

What does it take
to a good Jew make
there are different points of view
just pick the one that's best for you
some think its settling the land
others think its giving tzedakah with an open hand
some think its davening with a 'bren'
others say its learning no matter where or when
there are those who say being happy is all it takes
but this is nuts and these people are all fakes
whoever heard of serving God with song and dance
all God wants is for you to wear black pants
lying and cheating and feelings that are hurt
don't matter at all if you wear a white shirt
you don't even need to follow the book
God only cares about how you look
now this way sounds pretty easy
even though the logic makes my stomach queasy
still I thought this would be the one I would choose
until something shocking caught my eye in the news
with Ahmadinajad and the KKK they sat
Neturai Karta each with his beard peyos jacket and hat
they talked the talk and looked the look
everyone was astonished the whole world shook
Jews got up and were quick to explain
they're not like us-they're clearly insane
although they each look like a nice frum Jew
they have a warped point of view
now this may sound a little crazy
but this logic is getting pretty hazy
what I don't quite comprehend
is where does this fine line bend
does clothing a good Jew make
or does it a lot more than that take?

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