Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Dirty Laundry Show

While waiting yesterday for yet another MRI I couldn't help doing something I usually try to avoid doing.I watched a show of the "tell the world your personal problems" genre.This specific one was one of those court TV shows (She ran away with the kids but he abused her but she wasn't a good wife........)Watching,caused me to think (which is always good)whats the attraction of sharing your personal and intimate life with thousands of strangers?There are many shows of this genre I don't know the names(and if I did I wouldn't admit for fear of being hypocritical)but obviously people watch this sh*t.Why? Maybe peoples lives suck so much,watching some other fools problems makes you feel better,but were still left with the original question are these people not embarrassed or do they even think for a second 'this is nobodies damn business but our own?

The next step my brain took was even more interesting.This problem also exists in the Orthodox Jewish world to some extent.What I cannot figure out is how this coexists with the international Jewish problem solving solution of pushing all problems under the rug?Isn't there some middle ground?There are some personal issues which are nobodies business besides yours,maybe your rabbis,and possibly your therapist's,and that's it.Yet that doesn't stop people,but when it comes to issues that effect the Jewish community as a whole(non-personal problems) going off the derech,the rampant abuse which seems to be going on,the stealing,to name just a few-suddenly it becomes taboo to speak about it.Is it just me or are things a little confused,and it should really be the other way around?

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