Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random Musings

I was reading The Protocols of the Elders of Zion today(Yes of course I own a copy, how else am I going to be familiar with what I'm supposed to do when the time comes) they write in it about the importance of controlling as much of the land and assets as possible.Later while reading the newspaper I couldn't help thinking of this when I read about the Arabs need for yet another country(ours).Have they taken over us Zionists as the New World Order?I don't know if this is news or not but for me it is,it seems after they found natural gas off the Haifa coast now Lebanon woke up and wants a piece.Is this them now going after all assets?

Mushir al-Masri said (I read this in the Yated and therefore cannot vouch for its authenticity as everything written within should be taken with a grain or rather bucket of salt)"Any foreign troops in the Gaza Strip would be regarded as occupation forces"he then continued and with nobody thinking it strange said"But to ensure that the crossings are reopened we want them supervised by international monitors" and nobody thinks this least bit unbalanced?

Obama is the first black president in the history of the US why is that not enough to satisfy his ego?Why does have to do retarded reckless things to ensure his remembrance?

I'm not really depressed right now yet for some reason Im in the mood of posting this poem I wrote a long time ago.Its probably not long enough to be considered a poem and its certainly not that good but nevertheless here it is..........
Is it just me who ever wonders
Isn't God above these blunders
He created everything from a to z
it seems like nothing but misery.
Once I'm taking the blame for this one I may as wall admit I wrote this one which I notice from all the comments was a real winner (real good for my self esteem)

The Chief Justice of the US screwed up a simple 35 word oath,yet when youre in court for a speeding ticket or drug charges or even murder (whatever your particular vice is) to suggest the judge screwed up can land you in jail for contempt,odd.

Heres a short parable I read today in a book about Martial Arts.A zen master out for a walk with one of his students pointed out a fox chasing a rabbit."According to an ancient fable"the master said"the rabbit will get away from the fox""Not so"replied the student"The fox is faster""But the rabbit will elude him"insisted the master"Why are you so certain?" asked the student"Because" answered the master"the fox is running for his dinner and the rabbit is running for his life."This is similar to something Golda Meir once said"We Jews have a secret weapon in our struggle with the Arabs-we have no place to go"

Friday, January 30, 2009

Tumor Update

The hospital called earlier today to tell me my radiation treatment will be delayed.I was supposed to start in the beginning of this coming week but instead it will be at the end of the week.I don't really mind about the scheduling,the problem is the reason its delayed is because the machine broke down last week and they're behind now.The only reason I chose to do this specific type of radiation and hang out away from home for so long in a place where if you read my previous posts you'll know,I don't like much (yet-like I told namelessfaceless I still might fall in love with the place)is because this is supposed to be the most accurate and reliable.For a machine that costs between $100 to 200 million to build you would think it would inspire a little bit more confidence than an old car that stalls at every red light.Yes I'm exaggerating but hey I didn't have anything else to write about and besides to be honest it does kind of freak me out to rely on the accuracy of a machine not to fry my brain or optic nerves etc. that has breakdown issues.The weird thing is,is that despite this and all other issues sane people would be concerned about I am still kind of looking forward to it.Maybe because I see a light at the end of this ten year long tunnel(fat chance?)or maybe as I suspect to be the truth my name would now actually fit me and I have become comfortably numb( okay I cheated,I became comfortably numb long ago).

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Dirty Laundry Show

While waiting yesterday for yet another MRI I couldn't help doing something I usually try to avoid doing.I watched a show of the "tell the world your personal problems" genre.This specific one was one of those court TV shows (She ran away with the kids but he abused her but she wasn't a good wife........)Watching,caused me to think (which is always good)whats the attraction of sharing your personal and intimate life with thousands of strangers?There are many shows of this genre I don't know the names(and if I did I wouldn't admit for fear of being hypocritical)but obviously people watch this sh*t.Why? Maybe peoples lives suck so much,watching some other fools problems makes you feel better,but were still left with the original question are these people not embarrassed or do they even think for a second 'this is nobodies damn business but our own?

The next step my brain took was even more interesting.This problem also exists in the Orthodox Jewish world to some extent.What I cannot figure out is how this coexists with the international Jewish problem solving solution of pushing all problems under the rug?Isn't there some middle ground?There are some personal issues which are nobodies business besides yours,maybe your rabbis,and possibly your therapist's,and that's it.Yet that doesn't stop people,but when it comes to issues that effect the Jewish community as a whole(non-personal problems) going off the derech,the rampant abuse which seems to be going on,the stealing,to name just a few-suddenly it becomes taboo to speak about it.Is it just me or are things a little confused,and it should really be the other way around?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Does God Wear a White Shirt?

Since I posted yesterday about peoples lack of thought causing their actions to have no resemblance at all to what God intended,I think it only fitting to post tonight on a related subject.Clothing.Lately in most Orthodox circles clothing became a bigger indicator of spiritual levels than spiritual levels themselves.People are judged based on the clothes they're wearing.This is stupid and silly,but proof that people no longer think.Because if people actually used their minds for something more important than getting the cheapest rates in everything,they would realize there is no way in hell that this is what God wants.I could go on and on,on this subject as its a pet peeve of mine but I'll save some for future posts.Somebody I know wrote this poem on this concept and I think its more interesting than whatever I'll write even if it may not be a great poem.(Keep in mind it was written a while ago at the time of the conference of imbeciles denying the holocaust)

What does it take
to a good Jew make
there are different points of view
just pick the one that's best for you
some think its settling the land
others think its giving tzedakah with an open hand
some think its davening with a 'bren'
others say its learning no matter where or when
there are those who say being happy is all it takes
but this is nuts and these people are all fakes
whoever heard of serving God with song and dance
all God wants is for you to wear black pants
lying and cheating and feelings that are hurt
don't matter at all if you wear a white shirt
you don't even need to follow the book
God only cares about how you look
now this way sounds pretty easy
even though the logic makes my stomach queasy
still I thought this would be the one I would choose
until something shocking caught my eye in the news
with Ahmadinajad and the KKK they sat
Neturai Karta each with his beard peyos jacket and hat
they talked the talk and looked the look
everyone was astonished the whole world shook
Jews got up and were quick to explain
they're not like us-they're clearly insane
although they each look like a nice frum Jew
they have a warped point of view
now this may sound a little crazy
but this logic is getting pretty hazy
what I don't quite comprehend
is where does this fine line bend
does clothing a good Jew make
or does it a lot more than that take?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Answer to Frum Skeptic

I read FrumSkeptic's post last night(here)since its something that has always bothered me I figured Ill make my own post on the subject.Her main issues as I understood them are whether people do things because that's what God wants or simply because that's what the society they live in requires of them.The second issue is whether someone can continuously sin in one or many matters and still be considered as a believer in God.

People forgot how to think.You hear many stories from 20/30/40 years ago about people searching for the truth,they try different religions until they find the one they believe to be the truth be it Judaism or Buddhism or something else.The point is they searched investigated and most of all thought about it.Today, it seems to be as in style to go on and off the derech as it is to get on and off a bus.But how many people do it for intellectual reasons? Some do it out of laziness,some because of bad experiences with parents,teachers or classmates ,some do it simply to rebel and as is apparent from numerous speeches and articles some do it because of cell phones and i-pods (would somebody please explain that to me).Rarely does someone go off the derech because he thought about it long,hard and deep and decided it doesn't make any sense.The reason this is,is because we were brought up to believe in God the same way.We do what were expected to by society rarely delving into anything deeper than the most superficial level never trying to understand the reason and never wondering if this is what God really wants.The answer to Frum Skeptic's question is no they don't really believe in God,but in the defense of all Jews I beleive that they think they believe in God.
As for the second question I seem to remember being shown a Sharei Teshvah where he says that someone who constantly sins in one area even though hes righteous in all other areas hes considered a sinner.The reason for this is,you can sin once or twice or even many times (different sins) and still blame it on your evil inclination,but if your righteous in all aspects of your life except one in which you constantly sin that cant be excused by your evil inclination because you are by default saying you don't believe this one issue is so important to God.If that is the case,all your good deeds which we know from the same source were not done for God but for your own reasons whatever they may be.(Basically,you're showing you're not doing your good deeds for God because if you were you wouldn't pick and choose the convenient ones)

Friday, January 23, 2009

1st Step Towards Being Radioactive

Stupid people bring out the worst in me.Contact with them can cause me violent urges which are strongly frowned upon by our judicial system.I just want to clarify my previous post,I have nothing against the normal citizens of Boston.In fact everybody I met there over the past two days was very pleasant and nice and Rofeh International has also been especially helpful.Its the liberals I have issues with I don't know if anybody read it or if anybody took offense,either way I just wanted to clear that up.I do still stand firm in my belief that the roads are the most screwed up in the world.

The reason I was in Boston is because I'm going to begin receiving radiation soon,due to a pesky tumor I cant seem to be able to get rid of which God in his infinite wisdom and humor has chosen to bestow upon me.
Before they start there is a few things they need to do.My first appointment was to be fitted for a frame which is connected to the table immobilizing my head thus ensuring vital parts of my brain don't get fried which seems like a good idea to me.

The next appointment was a minor surgery to put little metal balls into my head.From what I understood metal can be seen on x-rays,everyday before treatment they take scans and measure the size and whether it moved using the balls as reference points(it can also be used to prevent my yarmulke from blowing away with the aid of a simple magnet)The surgery was mostly painless though it was weird and uncomfortable.I got a local anesthesia which means I was awake but I didn't feel the pain.What was weird was that it didn't hurt but I was able to feel every time he put in or pulled out the needles,drill or one time this thing which felt vaguely like a pitchfork.Trust me,a very odd sensation.After that I had a CT scan using my classy new headgear and was then able to leave to sit in traffic for six hours on the way home.
When I started this blog I had no intention of using it as a diary but I think its interesting and besides when I sit in the hospital the whole day I don't really come into contact with anything else worth writing about,therefore I will occasionally write more about this barrel of fun over the course of the six week treatment(mostly when I have nothing else to write)Another reason to write about this is for the ease of the eventual writer of my sure to be bestseller-biography.That's me always helping people!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome To Boston;Please Leave Brain at Home

Considering my strong negative feelings about liberals I understandably try to avoid contact with them.Which is why I find it funny to find myself in Boston Mass (more on that in future posts,stay tuned) the most liberal city this side of San Fransisco.
As I have been driving all day and I have an early appointment in the morning I need to go to sleep early and therefore don't have the time to get as into this as it deserves.Theres one thought,though that I need to get off my chest.As I was driving in circles through tunnels and over bridges and back again through what I believe is the most screwed up roadway in the world,I passed a lot of colleges and universities.I realized how ironic it is that the greatest concentration of educational institutes and probably intellect is also the place with the largest concentration of people with the least common sense.It reminds me of a quote I once heard "A handful of common sense is worth a bushel of learning.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In Memory of R' Dessler

In honor of Rabbi E E Dessler's yahrtzeit(anniversary of his death) tommorrow (or today for those believers in the whole date and time system)I want to post a short teaching from his sefer Michtav MeEliyahu.I dont want to alienate the few readers I have on this blog but please bear with me as I feel I owe him a debt of graditude because after spending most of my life in Yeshivos where they have an aversion to teaching/learning Hashkafa(Jewish Philosphy) most of the little Hashkafa I know is from learning his seforim.
R Dessler explains that everything that happens in this world comes from God.Since people fail to reconize this it often seems as if it happens naturally but the nature is actually God's hiding place so to speak ,his cameflouge.
God hides himself in this world (hester,if you recall from the story of Purim)the job of us Jews is to realize its not nature that is running our lives but God.When we recognize this,he continues,we will not be limited to the laws of nature but rather there will be an oppurtunity for Divine intervention that is above the laws of nature(something,the Chovas HaLevovos explains that is impossible for various reasons if you beleive everything is caused by nature)
I hope that made sense I was trying to keep it as short as possible.Thank you and have a pleasant tommorrow

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our New President

I am a pessimist.I'm not ashamed of it,but today in honor of our new president I stand humbly before you as a recent convert to optimism (at least in political matters).I cant help it,its too painful and scary to remain a pessimist.To think that he will do everything he says he will and everything everybody infected with Obama Mania wants him to do is scary.Now as an optimist I hope and pray all signs,omens and predictions were mistaken(even in my new optimistic state that remains doubtful,but one can hope)
I saw a quote that I think is appropriate for this occasion.Its from Gore Vidal, originally said about Ronald Reagan(as is obvious from his name being mentioned in it ) I think he was referring to his movie career and I feel its even more fitting for Barack Hussein Obama -"As the age of television progresses the Reagans will be the rule,not the exception.To be perfect for television is all a President has to be these days" This was said I assume around 25 years ago, its eerie how it became true it reminds me of 1984 by George Orwell.
Theres one more quote (more like a joke or one-liner)that I think appropriate to write here.Its from Clarence Darrow-"When I was a boy,I was told that anybody could become President;I'm beginning to believe it"
I think this is the only occasion where people hope to be proven wrong,hopefully we will be.Hey you never know.Worse comes to worst we can all make aliyah and deal with a whole other array of problems.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Old New York

On Saturday January 10 New Yorkers celebrated No Pants Day.I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of this was,if there even was a purpose.I'm not quite an anarchist,but I do enjoy some chaos now and again so I found this pretty interesting.What I found even more interesting was in an article I read about it last week.(I don't remember where otherwise I would link or at least quote more accurately)it said how the few spectators who asked what was going on were answered 'its hot' or 'I forgot my pants' .This is what I love about NY- between 1200 and 1500 men and women were walking around pantless and only a few spectators thought it odd enough to question.....which leads me to my problem..........

This is a rare phenomenon,as of late.Theres not enough chaos/seediness/wackiness nowadays and while I find it interesting that only a few people thought it odd ,10 years ago I don't know if there would have been even that much.Obviously caused in part by New Yorkers world famous aversion to people but also due to the fact that anything they see ,they've seen stranger so this doesn't merit a second glance.

New York used to be a fascinating place to visit,maybe its just me but isn't the seediness what gave it its charm.Before all the do-gooder mayors had to fool the citizens into thinking they were accomplishing something for them ,NY was fun.There were 'working girls' on practically every corner,punks trying to entice you to buy stolen merchandise,recent escapees from Bellvue (the psych wing) traveling the subway without receiving a second glance.Street musicians, break dancers, panhandlers,were the norm.Scalpers at the Garden and of course who can forget the squeezie guys? I'm getting too nostalgic so I'm not going to give any further examples, hopefully the point got across.I miss those days,now all you see there are bike lanes and juice bars further proof of the pussification of our generation.Bring back the chaos,we or at least I(remember its my blog)miss it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


So,Israel agreed to a cease fire earlier,(its inability to actually last through the night notwithstanding)I think this should improve peoples stances on Israel.They say Israel is using excessive force,Israel is now proving how far from the truth that is.Israel is so careful to never fight unarmed people they agreed to a cease fire to give Hamas time to rearm themselves.I cannot think of a greater gesture of humanitarianism.

Side note-it was 11 degrees when I went to shul this morning.Where the hell is the global warming those nutcases promised us?I was counting on it.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Orthodox Bias

In this mornings Hamodia(Thursday,even though its now 1:15 am for me that's still considered today)in the Letters to the Editor section someone wrote a letter defending the media bias against Israel.In short,he explained how in order to be let into a war zone,be granted interviews by the terrorists and to spare their own lives,journalists must side with the terrorists and publicize their point of view.Its a very good point but alas I must disagree.I know its not much of an argument without positive proof but I am too tired to think of specific cases of media bias against Jews and Orthodox Jews in particular that doesn't involve Israelis Muslims or war.But who can deny that happens quite often.Every time an Orthodox Jew is arrested and thrown in jail(as they rightly deserve to be)for fraud or child abuse,does the media not make it into a Jewish issue and ignore the credo about rotten apples?This has nothing to do with war,terrorist interviews or fear of life.Is this not an anti Jewish media bias?

This issue of media bias only gets more interesting when you think about the Orthodox Jewish newspapers.As Jewish papers they are or claim to be,the voice of Orthodox Jewry.As such they often speak out against the media bias.Nobody stops to think how biased they also are.Everyone is biased in accordance with his own views The Muslims have theirs,the Israelis have theirs,the right wingers have theirs and left wingers have whatever least resembles common sense.This is fine when its Jew vs. Muslim.The problem arises when within the Jewish community there is an incident or news story-ten Jews,thirteen opinions,isn't that what they say?But the orthodox papers will each only publish their slant,how they see it or want it to be.Is this too not bias?

The reason I seem to be taking this personally is because it is personal.A little bit.After the tragedy in Mumbai I sent letters for the first time to both the Yated and Hamodia.It was mostly the same idea people were saying at the time about increasing achdus and the like.Except I had a little twist in mine.I pointed out the similarities of the tragedy in Mumbai and in Mercaz HaRav in the summer.How the victims were mostly not what one would call 'mainstream' yet people who the day before would be hesitant to count him in a minyan because hes not exactly like 'us' would today cry for him.The main point I was trying to make was that while crucial to increase achdus among family,friends and people who daven in your shul-its more important to increase achdus with people who are different than you.Whose to say who is better?From the stories we all heard afterward it seemed like all the victims were better people and better Jews than we are.Definitely better than me or anyone I know.........Long story short(its my blog I can go off on tangents)the Hamodia never printed my letter.The Yated did but a censored version.Apparently the fact that the victims may have been better Jews and not 'mainstream',had potential to offend a lot of people.Is this not also a case of media bias?

Those Damn Pigeons

I just got back from Manhattan.The traffic was brutal there earlier I can only assume on account of an airplane making an emergency landing in the Hudson river.B"H there were no fatalities and only limited minor injuries.Apparently the plane hit a flock of birds shortly after takeoff and lost two engines.(Will PETA now try to abolish all future air travel in concern for the safety of innocent birds?)While discussing this with the person I was with I thought of the safety demonstrations everyone ignores.Every time the stewardess says 'In the event of a water landing.....'Putting on a life vest and sliding down an inflatable ramp is pretty much self explanatory but were someone God forbid to be in such a situation it can only be more comforting to know what it is exactly that you're supposed to do.I guess these safety speeches are not for naught.Theres a reason for them-You might need them one day.I assume in the future people will focus a little less on their carry-ons or fighting over the armrest and a little more on the demonstration......although I must say the blame for ignored safety lectures I believe falls in the lap of the airline.Who doesn't lose interest as soon as they begin with a demonstration of how to close the seat belt.Is there anybody who hasn't been in a car since the 1960s and is not yet familiar with the fine mechanics of it?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Morbid Amusement

This is the poem I intended to write in the last post before my brain kind of made a wrong turn somewhere.I first saw it many years ago,and as an occasional depressed person(okay maybe a little more than occasional)who enjoys humor and poetry when they're combined I really liked this.If I wasn't a guy(I'm certainly not a boy,I don't feel mature enough to be man,and male sounds too uptight for me)I might even call it cute.Anyway I read it again recently and remembered about it so here it is.Its by Dorothy Parker.

Razors pain you
Rivers are damp
Acids stain you
And drugs cause cramp
Guns aren't lawful
Nooses give
Gas smells awful
You might as well live.

I think its pretty self explanatory and if someone doesn't get it,it means he is blessed with an optimistic yet naive outlook on life its debatable if that's actually better but enjoy it while you got it.Here's one more,not really on the same topic but I think still pretty good.

If I had a shiny gun,
I could have a world of fun
Speeding bullets through the brains
Of the folk who give me pains;

Or had I some poison gas,
I could make the moments pass
Bumping off a number of
People whom I do not love.

But I have no lethal weapon-
Thus does Fate our pleasure step on!
So they still are quick and well
Who should be,by rights,in hell.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It was supposed to be a poem

As someone who reads a lot I often come across something funny or interesting which I will try to post-at least until I get bored of this blog(or until I get sick of blogging to myself which is much like talking to ones self except without the annoying echo)To make matters more exiting I have some sort of book ADD which means I can be in the middle of a great book yet still be bored enough to switch and return to it later.In fact right now I'm in the middle of 7 different books
1 Sunset Express by Robert Crais
2 Basket Case by Carl Hiaasen
3 Mercy by David Lindsey
These three books are regular novels although Carl Hiaasen's books might be considered educational because I really admire his style and wish I can imitate it.It does,to be honest,get a little confusing mixing up all the different characters from the different stories and inadvertently importing them to the wrong story but I must admit it can sometimes make it more exiting.Anyway there's still more
4 Asimov Laughs Again by Isaac Asimov
5 The Concise Columbia Dictionary of Quotations by Robert Andrews
6 The Portable Dorothy Parker by Dorothy Parker
7 The Hirsch Psalms by Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch
These last four I read to give myself the illusion that I'm educated(maybe I'm overcompensating for not having a high school diploma)But I enjoy them,in order of appearance I like laughing I collect good quotes and I enjoy wit and poetry combined as for #7 Its more learning than reading but I'm using the translated to English version I guess I'm used to doing all my learning in Hebrew so when its in English and it flows because you don't need to translate it feels more like reading,the problem with that is your brain is in a lower gear since its not working so hard and you skim right by a lot of important stuff without realizing the significance.The reason I don't use the Hebrew edition is because I don't understand it.I actually bought that one first but its written in a harder Hebrew and more poetically which for some reason makes it harder to understand.The only other writer Ive found who writes poetically and therefore harder Hebrew is Rav Avrohom Yitzchok Kook whose seforim will for hashkofic reasons probably never be translated to English.

This whole ramble was actually supposed to be an introduction to a poem I saw but the whole post kind of got away from me so I will hopefully post the poem later tonight.

The 27 Club

Kurt Cobain(Nirvana)

Janis Joplin

Brian Jones(Rolling Stones)

Ron"Pigpen"McKernan(Grateful Dead)

Jimi Hendrix

Jim Morrison(The Doors)

As a fan of all these musicians I always knew the age of their deaths were at 27.What I only found out today is that there is something called 'The 27 Club it seems 27 is a popular age for musicians to check out.The 27 Club is a lot of those people who all died at 27 within the span of a couple of years(except for Kurt Cobain who was at least 20 years later)as a morbid 27 year old I obviously find this fascinating.

All intelligent people recognize there is a lesson to be learned from everything and everybody.I'm not sure if this is what one would consider Mussar but it can definitely qualify as a wake up call in the form of a kick in the butt.These people are world famous,most of them 30 years after their death.They accomplished so much etc........All by the time they were 27.All their shortcomings aside,who of us can say the same.

Once I'm on the topic of Kurt Cobain and Mussar although I feel it necessary to warn this is hardcore Yeshivash Mussar.I was told this by a former crackhead,I knew when I was in Israel.Kurt Cobain was at the epitome of his life and career.He was selling millions of Cd's he was rich,married to Courtney Love(I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not)he had a new baby,he was famous it would be anybodys dream yet he was still so miserable he took a shotgun and splattered his brains on the wall(too gory?)The lesson for those of limited thinking ability,is unless you have a higher/spiritual purpose in life it doesn't matter who you are or what you do you will never be content and happy with your life.

(I only realized today how simple it is to post pics so that's why I may seem a bit overeager)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I support the war in Gaza

Should anybody think this convention of fools took place in Lebanon or Iran or a similar country whose inhabitants are brainwashed beyond any hope of rational thought it will comfort you(or make you nauseous)to know it actually took place right in the US.
Maybe I'm naive about the extent of the anti-semitism in the world today but why isn't this illegal?If I were to march with a Kach flag/banner chances are I would promptly get arrested.
Furthermore am I the only one who finds it slightly ironic that people and nations who vehemently deny the Holocaust ever occurred are now comparing Israels legitimate self-defense to the Holocaust
Support our troops
Support our country
Support our brothers and sisters
Support our future

Monday, January 12, 2009

A joke for lack of anything better to write

I read this joke in a book by Isaac Asimov recently.I would like to thank him for his contribution-albeit unbeknowenst to him-to this post.I hope Im not breaking any copyright laws.

It was during the war and Ole Johnson had come back on furlough to his little town in Minnesota.He was an air pilot and had done wonders,and the princpal of the local high school thought it might be very nice if Johnson would give a small talk to the students and recount his air adventures.
Johnson was perfectly willing to do so,and there he was on the stage of the auditorium,with red,white,and blue bunting everywhere,and with the eager faces of the high school students listening eagerly.
The talk went swimmingly as Johnson spoke of training and preparation,and finally of air battle.
He said,"At this time I managed to fly far behind enemy lines,but didnt know it.I thought I was safe and I was even singing a little Swedish folk song,when all of a sudden,out of the clouds,came two Fokkers.I snapped to attention and sent my plane climbing in a wide circle and,descending,I got one of the Fokkers in my sights and shot him down.I then turned to the other Fokker,who was closing fast,when I noticed that three other Fokkers were approaching from the other direction- "
With each repetition of the word Fokker there was increasing hilarity from the students,and it was clear that they were getting out of control.
The principal was equal to the occasion.He rose to his feet,held his arms high for silence,and said"Students,the Fokker is a German warplane that was first designed by an engineer named Anthony Fokker"And,turnung to the speaker,he said"Isnt that correct Mr Anderson?"
Anderson looked confused.He said,"Yah,you are right,Mr Principal,but these Fokkers I was fighting were Messerschmidts."

My New Blog

It seems everyone with a computer,internet and time on their hands has a blog.I also have a computer with internet and I most certainly have time on my hands which begs the question why did I wait until now to start a blog?.......Part of the reason is I cant think of a single person who will read it but mainly its because I have nothing to write.Lately,though I realized Im not alone in this dilema,most of the blogs Ive found dont seem to say anything of why should I be different?Hence Im the new proud owner of a blog which promises nothing of importance only rants,raves,pet-peeves,jokes,weird thoughts and any other printable brain droppings that prevent me from having much of a life.Basically in a nutshell its my brain exposed,take it or leave it but dont say I didnt warn you