Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Upset With Boston.Again

Rarely,over my long association with the tumor living in my brain have I gotten angry.Some might say its good but the general consensus is that its mentally unhealthy (I guess that would explain a few things about my mental condition).Today that all changed because I am pissed.Well,to be honest,more like upset.If anybody reads this blog and if they recall I was supposed to go to Boston on Monday to begin radiation treatment,but they pushed me off until Thursday.What do you know they did it again.I was already on the way today when my mother called to say the hospital delayed it once again until next week Thursday (for now).

Really it shouldn't bother me so much and it wouldn't,if not for the fact that my life has kind of been on hold for years waiting until I was finished with this shit.To enhance understanding,let me give an example.Dating,every orthodox,single guy (who is not gay)wants to get married.Between losing my vision(one of the fun side effects) surgery,recuperation,deciding on what type of radiation to undergo,appointments,and now waiting to go to Boston,its been a year since I last dated.The same is going on with jobs and courses I want to take.It sucks.That's why its upsetting when it looks like its finally drawing to a close and I will soon be able to move on with my life,only to be delayed once more.

Although not as big a deal but it was also very anti-climatic.I packed everything I need for six weeks,clothing,computer,food,ipod,notebooks, I got myself in the proper frame of mind (dare I even say psyched?).All this,and I was back home an hour later.I don't know the exact definition of anti climatic,but I'm pretty sure this was.I'm not sure why I'm blogging about this (other than the age old problem of having nothing else to write about)but I cant imagine anybody would be uncomfortable or mind as it seems I'm the only person who reads this blog (despite the fact that I already know a lot of what it says here)so if anybody has something to say about this or about anything else for that matter,comment,please(wow pathetic,begging for comments)


Mikeinmidwood said...

Hey we are all reading, just not commenting. If you get yourself a counter you can track how many people come in.

You do have it worse than waiting in a dentist office for two hours.

comfortablynumb said...

Thanx for the moral support Mike I was just feeling sorry for myself.I guess its worse than waiting in a dentists office but they usually have better magazines.