Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wrong Direction?

When youre really bored and have medication handy to control your blood pressure,I strongly recommend reading the wisdom that sprouts forth from the genetic malfunctios who comment on the jewish news websites (such as yeshivah world and vosizneias).I sincerely hope those people are not reproducing.

Yesterday,while waiting for an appointment my brother showed me a story about this new Kosher GPS theyre coming out with.Somebody whose parents were probebly related before they were married commented "I think the rabonim should get together & show true achdus and ban all other non kosher GPS".Seriously? Its bad enough we have people with minimal halachic knowledga coming out with new inventions (or more accurately,old inventions with a new twist)convincing people this is what God wants, if you dont buy this, its questionable if you can even be considered religious.But people actually fall for this?Do people think this constitutes Judaism?Me,in my innocence and niavety,first thought when I heard this that it only takes you to kosher locations (which I believe would actually be closer to what God wants)but alas no,the function which earns it its kosher status is the mans voice instead of a womans.Not to worry,nobody will have to cut the strip clubs out of their extracurriculaar schedule, now as long as you follow the directions given to you by a mans voice(possibely even in yiddish)God will love you.Is this where we are holding,a womans voice is enough to awaken all our deep,dark urges,our mission in life is to control?So much so that its absence will make a redicoulos product,kosher? Like my brother so beatufuly yet crudely put it,"if youre whacking off to the womans voice on the GPS you have much bigger problems that a kosher GPS cannot solve."


Mikeinmidwood said...

let me guess its kosher innovations, right?

comfortablynumb said...

I have problems with them also but I dont think this is them