Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Rape of the Taxpayers

For various reasons,most of which pertain to the conservation of my rapidly dwindling sanity,I try to avoid following the news too closely.Today,because of my confinement to a car for five hours(my contribution to global warming-anybody enjoying the unseasonably warm weather were enjoying on the east coast should probably thank me)and for lack of any other forms of entertainment,I listened to the radio.I'm not sure when this took place but I heard today that our very own comrade Messiah gave a speech where he warned all people benefiting from the rape of us taxpayers not to go to Las Vegas to spend the bailout money.Apparently one company (possibly more)decided instead to go to San Fransisco for some sort of getaway they were already planning.Does this not defeat the purpose?Was the point not for the intent purpose of avoiding wasteful spending?Last night for reasons not entirely known to me I found a similar story in which while intending to save money they missed the point and wasted money.....
"United Airlines has the distinction of being the only commercial airline to have operated Executive One, the designation given to a civilian flight on which the U.S. President is aboard. On 26 December 1973, then-President Richard Nixon flew as a passenger aboard a Washington Dulles to Los Angeles International flight. It was explained by his staff that this was done in order to conserve fuel by not having to fly the usual Boeing 707 Air Force aircraft; however, the 707 followed behind in case of emergency."
Is it just me,or is there something wrong with this?

On the topic of bailouts I thought of what I think is an appropriate analogy.Imagine you didnt have that much money(not to difficult for most people)and you lived in a place like where I live where every day there is a dinner,parlor meeting or Chinese auction raising money for what you believe to be a worthwhile cause,and you give a donation according to what you can barely afford.Later you find out,the money you sacrificed to donate they wasted on frivolous and excessive bullsh*t,something which you would never have done simply because you cannot afford it.Would you not have a strong uncontrollable urge to be violent,possibly even take a fatal course of action? These companies receiving our tax money are doing the same things.I think its normal to want to kill them.I also think we should.

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