Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm Back

It took me many years but I finally concede to the point made by John Cougar Melloncamp in his song Jack and Dianne.”Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone.” It damn sure does. My thrill of living has been gone since about ten seconds after I came into existence before my life turned into one of hellish misery ...and yet it goes on ...and on. It’s been twenty seven years of waiting for it to be over. Twenty seven years of being passively suicidal. It just won’t end. This leads me to believe that he is correct and life does go on no matter what your opinion is on the matter. Since that is the case I decided to return to blogging. Knowing God and his sense of humor the way I do, I know the depressed miserable people who are all waiting for it all to be over will be the ones who live the longest. So it’s a question of logistics. I will apparently be on this earth for the long haul. I will be bored. Ergo, I’m blogging again. And the timing could not have been better. This is the season of coming forward with stories of abuse and molestation from people in positions of power. It’s now my turn for my very own J'accuse moment. For twenty seven years I have been physically and emotionally abused by God. Is that better than a teacher taking me to a private room and touching me inappropriately? The fact that God is not within firing, suing or harming distance is of no concern to me, that’s not my intention in coming forward. It’s obvious from other people who came forward and the way the Jewish elite and media responded that violence or any other sort repercussion or even action is not the answer. It seems the best method in dealing with these issues is simply having meetings and writing articles about it. For those who are not an hereditary or political elite nor are they part of the Jewish cut and paste media, their contribution to the cause is obviously the very vital mental diarrhea that sprouts forth in the form of comments on every news article about this or related topics. Consider this my first of many posts on this subject. Or the only one. Until further notice or until I die or get bored of talking to myself again, whichever comes second-I’m back, and will as the mood strikes me be blogging live from the cesspool of life.


frum single female said...

bring it on!! glad you're back!

karma dude said...

It's about freaking time.
How's the sludge in the cesspool? It seems I've been thrown in as well.

Mikeinmidwood said...

I think its a great way to generate publicity, talk about "what to do about abuse" and everyone will argue for hours on end, then when everyone is done name calling, write another one and start it over. oh and welcome back.