Thursday, July 2, 2009

Independance Day?

Happy almost July 4th to all those who think this date still holds any significance. Taxes , that’s all this Godforsaken country boils down to. That’s the basis upon which this alleged democracy was started on. And that is what is destroying it today. My original intention was to write about the journey of a hundred dollars. How they cut a chunk right off the bat for income tax, if you’re in the habit of occasionally eating and are not an exhibitionist or even if you want a new DVD, cell phone or digital camera to document the flight patterns of UFOs you shop for it and as rumor has it some people even go so far as to pay for it. Sales tax, another large chunk of your measly paycheck down the drain. Of course the vendor now pays income tax on this money and sales tax again since he obviously believes in capitalism and will spend it, when the next vendor will….. I think I see a pattern emerging. At the end of the life of a hundred dollars there is really not much left for a healthy economy to survive never mind to be stimulated. This is what I will not be writing about because as luck would have it I was pretty busy most of the day which is very unlike me and I cannot recall that ever happening before, and therefore didn’t have the time to do the proper exploratory research with which I would impress everyone with numbers, graphs and dancing smiley faces. Instead I will write about taxes. Who would have thought? Taxation without representation, that was the concept that promoted the desire for independence (I would have thought it was the British accent). We now have more taxation than your average hardworking individual can afford to part with. Has anyone noticed an improvement in our representation? The government does not represent us. They represent themselves, their friends, relatives and cronies. Nothing they do benefits the average middle income family. Sure if you’re wealthy they consider you a potential contributor and therefore a friend or crony and are now in the position to reap the rewards that come with knowing someone who has his hands in the public coffers. If you are a lower income family enjoying the free ride sponsored by the majority of the middle class who are afraid to cheat on their taxes you couldn’t be happier with the system mostly because the lack of such a system would force you to get off your butt and get a job. But the middle class, those who don’t own big corporations or businesses, those who never had wealthy ancestors, those who are to straight and honest to con and swindle,those who get up early every morning and work their butts off a whole day for just enough over the minimum wage that they are disqualified from government programs, where does that leave us? Screwed, that’s where. Nobody is here to help you. All the money you ever paid in tax was as beneficial to you as cancer. The first opposing argument one hears regarding this “What about the police? Without them there would be anarchy” Bring it on! I don’t think anybody is still fooled that the police help. They are just as corrupt and harmful as the government. The difference is that besides taxes most people thankfully have no contact with elected government officials, the police department is involved in everybody’s day to day life, wielding their corrupt power and taking advantage of those weaker than them. I for one would rather anarchy. The highway system is another popular argument, is anybody happy with the highway system? Never mind the fact that we pay outrages amounts in tolls which go up every few weeks that are supposedly to support the highways. The point I am trying to make in case it hasn’t yet been made clear is that the whole basis of this country’s existence is to avoid taxation without representation, which we still have. Has everyone who died in the struggle for independence died in vain? It sure seems so. Maybe it’s time we had our own Boston Tea Party, only instead of throwing tea overboard I think we should throw the politicians. Maybe into the toxic waste dump known as the East River where they can sleep with the fish along with likeminded crooks and abusers of mafia lore.This country was shoved deep enough in the crapper by our government it really shouldn’t be a hard sell to any sane individual who works hard for his money.

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